My Story

Theresa Chavez

Registered Yoga Teacher-200, Certified Sound Healing Practitioner

Hello, my name is Theresa Chavez. I spent many years trying to change because I didn’t think I was good enough or didn’t have the right tools. I don’t have the “typical” yoga body, and it wasn’t long ago that most of my thoughts were riddled with negativity.

In 2014, I participated in a program called BodyLove by Emily. It was the catalyst to embracing who I am wholeheartedly. Six months later, I enrolled and the following year completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Blossom Yoga Studio. When I allowed my curiosity to open up, essential oils came in and transformed my world! I then decided to share them with whoever was open to receiving the powerful support of nature.

In 2016, singing bowls were introduced during savasana at a yoga conference. I immediately felt drawn to learning more about them. Therefore, in 2017 I became an Atma Buti Certified Sound Healing Practitioner.

My curiosity further led me to become a certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner and later a certified Sky Styx Yoga Teacher.

Practicing gratitude and self-care are important to me. Over time, I’ve practiced many things and found what works for me. It’s usually a hike to connect with nature, a walk with a friend, time on my yoga mat, spending time with my fur babies, inhaling essential oils, practicing with my singing bowls, listening to music, practicing kirtan with friends and most recently practicing meditation. Rediscovering the tools within me has allowed positive thoughts to flow more easily in my life. Every aspect of life is a practice and I embrace it the best I can.

Theresa Chavez, Wellness Yoga Instructor & Singing Bowl Practitioner


I would invite anyone who has any curiosity about vibrational sound healing, yoga, essential oils or how to live a life of wellness, purpose and abundance to contact me.