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Pink rose with greenery in background.

May Healing Session of the Month

60 min | $60​ | This month’s session is the Rose Session. Honor your roots. Ground into yourself and reconnect with your purpose. Bring a small amount of dirt from your current home or where you grew up.

Flowers in front of a full moon.

May Flower Moon Sound Healing

60 min | $20 | May 23 | Join us for a sound healing session during the May Flower Full Moon. The full moon is a great time to release anything which is no longer serving you…

Healing Singing Bowls lined up on a studio floor

Private Tour

Free | Appointments are available to come in and shop, purchase gift certificates, and/or look at our wellness center…

Three smiling females in a yellow bathtub

Private Group Sound Healing Bath

60 min | $75 | Gather up to 3 of your friends for a private sound healing bath. Sound baths are a group experience where sound washes over and through the body…